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Max von Pettenkofer-Institute

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The Max von Pettenkofer-Institute for Hygiene and Clinical Microbiology of Ludwig Maximilians-University, Munich, houses the chairs of Bacteriology and Virology. In addition to Research and Teaching (for students of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Biology) the Institute carries our microbiological laboratory testing for hospitals and medical practices as well as hygienic-microbiological testing for quality management in clinical institutions.

Focus of Research

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Focus of research at the chair of Bacteriology are Aspergillae, Heliobacter, Pseudomonas, Yersiniae and cellular microbiology, at the chair of Virology Adeno,- Herpes- und Cytomegaloviruses [read more ...]


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The diagnostics department carries out any kind of laboratory analyses. Very often we use techniques which are not commercially available and which we apply in high-risk groups, e.g. in patients after transplantations.


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Hygienic-microbiological testing is carried out for quality assurance in medical institutions according to the regulations of hospital hygiene and infection prevention. In particular our Institute is responsible for the hygienic health care in the Munich University Hospital. Accredited as examination center according to § 15 drinking water ordinance we also examine water samples.