für Hygiene und medizinische Mikrobiologie
der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
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80336 München

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Work Group Wagener (Aspergillus II)

Cell wall integrity signaling in A. fumigatus

Aspergillus fumigatus is an opportunistic human pathogenic mold that causes life-threatening diseases in immunocompromised patients. In contrast to mammalian cells, fungi are surrounded by a tough layer consisting of chitin, mannan and glucan, which is called the fungal cell wall. The cell wall defines the organisms shape, protects it from physical stress and is essential to withstand the mammalian immune system. Due to its essential function in fungi and its absence in mammals the cell wall is an important antifungal drug target. We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate the shape and biogenesis of the fungal cell wall.

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