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Work Group Schubert

The work of our research group is directed towards the understanding of mechanisms by which extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli (ExPEC) cause disease in the field of Medical and Veterinary Microbiology. We are especially interested in the characterization of bacterial (virulence) genes that distinguish commensal bacteria from pathogens, both belonging to the same species Escherichia coli. Among others, we investigate the role of a distinct chromosomal DNA region found in ExPECs - named the High-Pathogenicity Island (HPI) - in disease process. Related projects concern the horizontal transfer of pathogenicity islands between different species of Enterobacteriaceae  in vitro and in vivo.
Further projects are dedicated to the implementation of bacterial genomics ("pathogenomics") to improve the microbial diagnostic by applying novel methods, e.g. DNA microarrays. Beside identification by means of 16S-rRNA analyses, a risk assessment of the respective pathogen based on the presence of specific virulence factors is feasable using microarray technology.