für Hygiene und medizinische Mikrobiologie
der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Pettenkoferstr. 9a
80336 München

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The Max von Pettenkofer Institute (MvPI) of LMU, Munich, founded in 1865, is the oldest institute in Germany dedicated to the diagnosis and research of infectious diseases and to questions of general and specific hygiene. In order to offer to interested junior scientists, wanting to pursue a Ph.D., Dr. rer. nat., Dr. med. (or similar) degree, the possibility of focussing on infection research in all its flavors, the MvPI has started in the fall 2019, under the roof of MMRS (Medical Faculty at LMU), a new structured international doctorate (postgraduate) program "Promotionsprogramm", bearing the name "Infection Research on Human Pathogens@MvPI". This focussed doctorate program combines scientific studies on a timely individual doctorate project from the area of infection research (with several topical foci of Microbiology/ bacterial pathogens, microbiota-related pathogen research, Virology and Infection Immunology) with program-specific structured offers to deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of infection research, infection immunology, treatments and vaccines, and adjacent fields. To frame the individual projects in a supportive manner, we also offer transferable skills courses, practicals and methods' courses, and other possibilities to round off your individual competences in central and timely topics of infection research, fundamental and applied. This Ph.D. offer will enable the participants not only to pursue a career in science but also to transition into applied fields of industry.

Information on recently initiated projects and timely offers of individual positions in our program can be accessed on the MvPI webpage ( Further information regarding the institute, its long-standing history, the resident scientific groups and relevant topics located there you can find on the institute homepage. You can also directly get in touch with the office involved in coordinating the doctorate program at the Max von Pettenkofer Institute (Ms. Susanne Maibom, telephone: 089-218072801; email: PhD.infection(at)


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