Teaching in Medical Microbiology

Welcome to the courses offered by the Chair of Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene at the Max von Pettenkofer Institute.

You can find an overview of the individual courses by clicking on the tabs below for the respective courses (human medicine, practical year, dentistry, pharmacy and biology).

For LMU students, current dates and venues as well as further information can be accessed via MedMoodle.


Human Medicine

Human Medicine

Learning content

In this module, theoretical and practical knowledge of general infection theory and epidemiology is taught. This includes an overview of the most common and relevant pathogens (bacteria, fungi and parasites), their modes of transmission, the clinical pictures they cause, diagnostic procedures for their detection as well as possibilities of anti-infective therapy. In addition, you will be introduced to measures for the prevention of hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections and how to deal with patients in the presence of multi-resistant pathogens.

You can find the complete curriculum of the module on the LMU learning platform Moodle


The module consists of a continuous main lecture in the fields of microbiology, virology and hospital hygiene as well as an accompanying practical course and seminars. The associated lecture slides are made available to medical students via the LMU learning platform Moodle.


The module ends with an electronic multiple choice (MC) exam. The content of the examination covers all courses of the module. Admission to and passing the exam are subject to the requirements of the study and examination regulations of the LMU Munich.


To support student teaching, we are always looking for tutors for the practical courses in microbiology and hospital hygiene who have already successfully completed the module. In order to be able to fulfil all the formalities required for employment as a research assistant in a timely manner, early contact is recommended.

If you are interested in a tutorship for the microbiology practical course, please contact Ms Iris Reinhardt.

Link zu Moodle: Moodle

Contact person: Prof. Dr. med. Sören Schubert

Dental Medicine

Dental Medicine

For students of dentistry, a lecture is offered in the winter semester in the subjects hygiene, microbiology and virology for the 5th and 6th semester.

The lecture comprises 2 SWS and covers hygiene, microbiology with general and special bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, infection serology and virology. In addition to the basics of the subjects, topics of particular importance from a dental point of view are developed. Successful participation in the lecture is proven by a nationally standardised written examination once per semester.

Link to Moodle: Moodle

Contact person: Ms Iris Reinhardt, Course secretary, Tel: 089 2180 72829



For students of pharmacy in the 2nd or 3rd semester, we offer a lecture (1 SWS) as well as a 14-day block practical course (half-day) in the subject of medical microbiology.

The lecture takes place in the Butenandt lecture theatre in Großhadern, the block practical course in the Max von Pettenkofer Institute. In the lecture, the basics of bacteriology, virology, parasitology, immunology and hygiene are taught. In the practical course, the topics of the lecture are further deepened and important focal points are worked on practically. (e.g. microscopy and Gram staining, metabolic performance of bacteria, sterilisation procedures, antibiotic resistance determination, hand disinfection experiment, etc.). The successful participation in the lecture and the practical course is checked by a written exam following the practical course.

Link to Moodle: Moodle

Contact person: Ms Iris Reinhardt, Course secretary, Tel: 089 2180 72829



The English-language interfaculty Master’s programme “Human Biology – Principles of Health and Disease” focuses on five main topics: “Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Epigenetics”, “Molecular Microbiology and Infection Biology”, “Molecular Oncology”, “Neuroscience” and “Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research” with the aim of comprehensively preparing students for future challenges in a science-related professional field of biomedicine.


Students in the 1st semester take part in lectures on current research topics of the chair within the framework of the lecture series “Current Topics” as well as accompanying seminars.

In the elective module “Molecular and Medical Microbiology and Infection Biology” in the 2nd semester, a lecture series, seminars, and a practical course in small groups are offered, in which the most modern methods of infection research are carried out together.


Contact persons: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Suerbaum and Prof. Dr. Christine Josenhans

Practical year

Practical year

It is possible to complete a clinical traineeship or a PJ block in microbiology. This provides an in-depth insight into the following areas of work:

Infectiological diagnostics

  • Preparation, elaboration and macroscopic assessment of culture from various materials (e.g. urine, stool, wound swabs, cerebrospinal fluid and punctates)
  • Methods for direct and indirect pathogen detection (e.g. cultural, microscopic, serological and molecular biological)
  •  Sensitivity testing and evaluation

Clinical microbiology

  • Rounds in risk areas for therapy counselling
  • Accompanying the Antibiotic Stewardship Team at KUM
  • Inspection of infection-relevant areas (hospital hygiene)

Travel medicine vaccination consultation

  • Counselling patients before long-distance travel
  • Administration of vaccinations
  • Coordination of malaria prophylaxis

Infectious diseases training and teaching

  • Staff training (Microbiology MvPI)
  • Infectious Diseases Case Conference at KUM (iKUM)

Commissioner: Prof. Dr. med Sören Schubert