The “Varia” section examines various patient samples, such as blood cultures, urine, materials from the respiratory tract, smears and tissue samples of all kinds from all body regions, as well as stool samples.
The examination programme includes all major aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as well as yeasts and moulds.

In the diagnostic area “Varia”, all conventional methods of bacteriological diagnostics are offered. These include microscopy, also as rapid diagnostics, cultural cultivation under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, identification of pathogens and sensitivity testing of relevant bacteria against all antibiotics listed in the KUM drug list. On special request, other antibiotics can of course also be included in the testing.

In addition, antigen detection is offered as rapid tests for legionella, pneumococci and meningococci as well as C. difficile toxin detection.

The Varia department also carries out the entire mycological diagnostics. Here, too, microscopy, culture, identification of yeasts and moulds and sensitivity testing of yeasts and, on special request, of moulds against the essential antimycotics are offered.

You can find the detailed information in our List of Services.

Of course, the medical staff of this unit are always available for consultation on diagnostic and therapeutic issues.