@ Stephanie Schmidt

Clinical Virology

We offer

Accredited and validated virological diagnostics

GMP-certified according to EU standard, testing laboratory according to §14 Abs.4 Nr.3 and § 20b AMG

Comprehensive range of tests including all relevant human pathogenic viruses

State-of-the-art test methods that are continuously adapted to the latest scientific findings

Optimal sample logistics for the performance of test evaluations and clinical studies (also examinations within the scope of the Tissue Act)

0172-8412626 for urgent examinations and consultations

Competent consultation on diagnostic and therapeutic issues

The close cooperation with the LMU Hospital influences the methodological focus of clinical virology. The main focus is on questions concerning the care of immunocompetent patients. This includes a large number of PCR methods developed “in house”.

For a long time, special attention has been paid to the investigation of resistance development during antiviral therapy. The development of a special evaluation software for HIV and hepatitis B resistance is part of this focus.