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3D laser scanning microscopy of intestinal villi and salmonella attached. Transgenic cells (CD11 positive eGFP fusion and fluorescently labelled bacteria)

1. High resolution imaging of explanted organs during infection processes
This method allows for the ex vivo high-resolution 3D laser scanning microscopy of complex organ structures under conditions of artificial life support. Hereby, videos as well as stills can be taken of infectious processes in real time to study in detail the dynamics and understand ways to counter the initial phase of infections of mucous membranes, mainly the urinary bladder. The system is capable to provide simultaneous cytokine measurements along with the imaging.

FACS based analysis of sub-light wavelength size OMVs with counting and subgroup analysis

2. Systems for analysis, tracking and manipulation of gram negative outer membrane vesicles (OMV)
Methods aiming at the improvement of the use of OMV in pathogenicity research as well as for vaccination. Among other methods established are flow cytometry based counting and characterization, the fluorescent labelling with a generic plasmid as well as modification with tag bearing surface molecules for centrifuge free purification and antigen loading for vaccination purposes.

TIC and exemplary high accuracy mass spectrum of HPLC-QExactive coupled measurement of bacterial extracts, below MALDI-TOF whole bacterial protein spectrum

3. Characterization of bacterial growth with mass-spectrometry

We develop new protocols to characterize and understand processes involved in bacterial growth and metabolism to better understand the mode of action of antimicrobial substances. Thereby we use among other systems HPLC-MS and MALDI-TOF based protocols.

4. Other methods used for other projects in development
include Raman spectroscopy, MALDI-TOF – Mass Spectrometry, Mirco-Fluidic systems, DNA Amplification systems, magnetic separation, photodynamic substances …