Medical Microbiology and Hospital Epidemiology 

Structured doctorate program

The Max von Pettenkofer Institute (MvPI) of LMU offers a new structured international PhD program (starting winter semester 2019/2020) called “Infection Research on Human Pathogens@MvPI” under the umbrella of MMRS ( This PhD program combines the work on an individual PhD project (natural science or medical PhD thesis) in the field of infection research (with focus on microbiology/bacterial pathogens, microbiota research, virology and infectious immunology) with program-specific side events for in-depth and comprehensive thematic rounding in central and current topics of infection research as well as further practical courses and offers on transferable skills.

Information on new projects and currently offered positions in the program can be found on the MvPI website ( Further information about the institute, the main topics worked on there and the current working groups can also be found on our institute website or can be obtained from the secretariat responsible for the PhD program at MvPI (Ms. Birgit Lang, Tel: 089-2180 72801 or Ms. Constanze Hartmannsgruber, Tel: 089-2180 72805 Email: PhD.infection(at)

We are currently in the process of adding a time-bound formal application procedure. Until this is done, please contact the professors and group leaders directly if you are interested in a PhD for your unsolicited application and check our “Job Opportunities” page regularly. You can also send your complete unsolicited application with two references to our office at any time (email). Thank you for your interest.